ExpressTruckTax Cookies Policy

Last Updated: May 01, 2023.

We suggest you check our policies often as we tend to change them periodically. This cookie policy from ExpressTruckTax helps you to understand what a cookie is, how we make use of it, and how you can manage its preferences.


A cookie is a small file created by the website (you visit) and stored on your device (desktop, laptop, or mobile). Cookies serve different purposes, which include remembering your preferences and letting the website recognize you and function accordingly when you resume back after some time.

Types of Cookies

There are various types of cookies available.

Based on the domain that creates, the cookies are classified as:

  • First-party cookies - The cookies that are created and stored directly by the website or domain that you have visited.
  • Third-party cookies - The cookies that are created and stored by third parties (domains other than the one which you have visited).

Based on the storage duration, the cookies are classified as:

  • Permanent cookies - The cookies that are created and stored for a long time on your device (until you manually delete them or until the expiry date set by the publisher).
  • Session cookies - The cookies that are created and stored temporarily until the end of the particular session.

How We Make Use of Cookies?

We do create and store cookies (both the first-party and third-party) on all our users' devices for various purposes such as,

Functionality (First-Party Cookies)

  • To ensure a secure and seamless web session while you are logged in.
  • To stay in line with your preferences (Language, Location, Login information).
  • To utilize our website and all its features without any obstacles.

Analytics (Third-Party Cookies)

  • To collect data to track the use of our services and evaluate the effectiveness of our campaigns.
  • To monitor and analyze the performance of our website and services.
  • To understand the areas that need improvement and enhancement.
  • To comprehend how satisfied you are with our services.

Advertising (Third-Party Cookies)

  • To display more personalized ads based on your interests and usage on our website. We use third-party cookies to tailor ads to you with content that fits your expectations.

Here is the list of third-party cookies that ExpressTruckTax uses:

If you wish to opt-out from any of these third-party cookies, use the below links:

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