FAQs on 2290 Amendments

I made a mistake on my Form 2290. Can I fix it online?

Absolutely. You may file Form 2290 Amendments directly through ExpressTruckTax.com.

Three common Form 2290 Amendments are:

VIN Correction (free if you filed the original return with ExpressTruckTax)

Weight Increase - If you filed the Form 2290 with the wrong weight class, you may file a 2290 Amendment to amend the weight class. If you are amending to a higher class, the additional tax will be due.

Mileage Exceeded - If you filed a suspended vehicle on the Form 2290 and expected to go less than 5,000 miles   (7,500 for agriculture) but during the tax year went over, you may file a 2290 Amendment to file as taxable.

If you have any questions regarding your Form 2290, amendments or VIN, please does not hesitate our 100% US-based support team by phone, email, or live chat.

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