Owner-Operator Management System

Found exclusively at ExpressTruckTax, you can view, download, and even edit yourowner operator's Schedule 1 through our easy to use the master account. Have immediateaccess and receive notifications when your driver e-files their Form 2290 and receivestheir stamped Schedule 1.

Contracting Company

Whether your drivers file their HVUT returns independently or you file for them,we have solutions to save you and your drivers time and money. From our exclusiveOwner Operator Management System to ourspecial discounts and co-branding options, we support contracting companies/owner-operatorslike no one else in the industry.

Partner Site for Secure and Easy E-Filing

You asked and we delivered. We offer partner sites for E-Filing in which you and your drivers can file directly through our site with the convenient look and feel of your homepage. This is total customization for each owner-operator account for no additional charge.

FTP - Stamped Schedule 1

Already maintain your drivers' Schedule 1 in a single location? We can automaticallysend a copy of your drivers' stampedschedule 1 to your system through secure FTP (file transfer protocol). It'sthat easy and it's always free of charge.

Best Value in the Industry - $9.90 for Single Vehicle

Our motto is to provide more for less, way less. For half the price of our competitors, you and your drivers get complete access to our full-featured and fully supportedservice. Nowhere will you find a better value in the industry. Guaranteed. Filea single vehicle 2290 filing for less than ten bucks.

Ready to file your 2290 with ExpressTruckTax?

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