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More than excellent!

- Sahibzada R - Texas

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If you have your VIN ready, Express Truck Tax makes it a breeze to file your 2290!

- Jarred M - Missouri

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It was a good experience as usual. Thank You!

- John E - Oklahoma

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I continue to come back to this site because they have made it simple to renew our 2290. I think it's great!

- Chundra W - North Carolina

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Quick, Easy, and only what I needed. No sales pitches. Exactly what I needed for my first truck purchase!

- Matt - Washington

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Easy to navigate!

- Maria C - California

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Very easy to navigate! Get everything completed in 10min.

- Noeun K - Georgia

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Very convenient and very fast.

- Myint L - Maryland

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I like I can get it all done in about 15 minutes ( I'm slow)!!

- Stephen N - Wisconsin

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Its very, very easy to file. In a couple of minutes you are done, thanks to express truck tax.

- Muhammad B - Ohio

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Love this site! It makes the process so easy.

- Kim B - Illinois

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Very simple and fast. Thank You

- Kathy S - Nebraska

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Very easy to use, smooth transaction!

- Zlatin D - North Carolina

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Quick and easy. In today's world it is nice that the complications can become easy to accomplish. Thank you. Yes I would recommend your service.

- Conny B - Kentucky

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Always easy to renew, love ur site, thanks

- Galen G - Kansas

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very handy and convenient especially since I only have one truck once a year and I am not in admin.... Thanks for making it easy!

- Rodney - Illinois

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Easy to use and complete 2290 tax, second year using Express Truck Tax all information stored made it simple and fast.

- Tyrone S - Virginia

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This is the best site to file 2290 it is fastbest site to file 2290 it is fast, easy and affordable I will recommend this site for those who want to file 2290.

- Abe N - Texas

e-Sign Form 8453-EX
Thank you Express Truck Tax for making this so easy!! In a world where things seemed to be so much more complicated than need be, it's nice to have something actually simplified for us.

- Kimberlie G - Michigan

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Fast, easy, convenient

- Roy H - Arizona

e-Sign Form 8453-EX
Love the ease of paying the 2290 highway tax!

- Judy L - Tennessee

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Great! Inexpensive and easy to use with fast results. Have used this service three times now and the returns have always been accepted by the IRS within minutes as opposed to waiting weeks for a paper copy from the IRS.

- Armella M - Kansas

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Express Truck Tax - you make this so easy & quick for me to file my Form 2290 each year. Thank you for this service!!

- Laurel M - Minnesota

e-Sign Form 8453-EX
Exceptional Services,Thanks Express Truck Tax

- Carlos G - Texas

e-Sign Form 8453-EX
Website is easy to use.

- Ronald W - Missouri

e-Sign Form 8453-EX
Super Easy. Super Fast!

- Brad M - Texas

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always easy to file with express truck tax. Thank You

- Kathy K

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Great service!

- Alexsander V - New York

e-Sign Form 8453-EX
so easy wonderful

- Beverly W - California

e-Sign Form 8453-EX
Very Good as usual. Thanks

- Gary C - North Carolina

e-Sign Form 8453-EX
Itseasy and quick .

- Lloyd H - Minnesota

e-Sign Form 8453-EX
Quick and easy to use!

- Melissa H - Ohio

e-Sign Form 8453-EX
Very smooth and express filing. Highly recommend.

- Darry H - North Carolina

e-Sign Form 8453-EX
Very easy to use and process

- Scott - North Carolina

e-Sign Form 8453-EX
Easy to do the filling thanks

- Giovanni R

e-Sign Form 8453-EX
Very easy process, reliable and secure

- Marco C - California

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This was my first time doing the 2290. Very easy and quick.

- Marco C - California

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I have been now using this website for 3 years, also a couple of friends, very professional and rapid response, thanks for you all.

- Abel M - Texas

e-Sign Form 8453-EX
Quick and easy without having to go to the DMV or government building to get done.

- Patrick - New York

e-Sign Form 8453-EX
Quick and easy without having to go to the DMV or government building to get done.

- Patrick - New York

e-Sign Form 8453-EX
super easy & fast!

- Sheri O - South Dakota

e-Sign Form 8453-EX
ALWAYS a pleasant experience!

- Linda F - South Carolina

e-Sign Form 8453-EX
Thank You, Kirsten, you helped me get through this process smoothly.

- Cathy Bauder - Pennsylvania

e-Sign Form 8453-EX
Very quick & easy. So much better than going to the IRS office and waiting 4 hours like I once had to do.

- Pat B - Illinois

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