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Seamless HVUT Form 2290 E-filing Solution for Enterprise

Trucking Companies
Trucking Companies
Logistic Companies
Logistic Companies

Meet your Enterprise HVUT Filing Needs with ExpressTruckTax

  • Filing 2290 for a fleet of trucks
  • 2290 Filing solution for trucks with different first used months
  • Filing 2290 for multiple EINs
  • Manage everything from one place without any hassle

Why partner with ExpressTruckTax for 2290 Filing?

Manage Multiple Businesses
  • Switch between different businesses easily.
  • File for vehicles under each business without any confusion.
Handle bulk addition and deletion of vehicles
  • Add information about multiple vehicles at the once while filing a return.
  • Destroyed or sold vehicles will be deleted from your account automatically.
Easy to use Dashboard
  • Keep track of filing status for each return and the businesses you handle.
  • Continue filing your incomplete returns from the point you left off.
Unlimited Filings throughout the year
  • File as many returns as you want.
  • Don’t worry about the change in the price range. We have a fixed price for all your filing and you don’t have to pay for each return.
Bulk upload templates
  • Upload information about multiple vehicles and businesses in just one click.
  • Upload documents in any format and template.
Truck Zone
  • Keep track of all the vehicle information (VINs, Suspended Vehicle) for future filing.
  • Upload Schedule 1 and keep track of the filing history of your vehicles.
Copy Data from previously filed Form 2290
  • Complete filing your return in a few minutes.
  • The cloud-based software will generate your current year return with the data from a prior-year accepted return.
  • Reduce the chance of rejections.
Dedicated Account Manager
  • Get constant support via phone, email, and chat.
  • Internal error checks are made to avoid basic errors.
  • Get notified instantly once your Schedule 1 has been generated.

Tired of uploading your 2290 Data? Switch to our full-service filing

ExpressTruckTax offers a full-service with a team of experts who will take care of your filing process. All you have to do is provide your data in an excel or CSV template. Our experts will handle all your data integration and make you're filing effortless.

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