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About IMTA and ExpressTruckTax Partnership

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Iowa Motor Truck Association (IMTA) has partnered with ExpressTruckTax to offer it’s truck drivers a simple way to e-file HVUT Form 2290 with the IRS at the best value in the industry.

ExpressTruckTax provides a premier e-filing experience, offering the IRS Form 2290 for Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes, Form 2290 Amendments, the Form 8849, and even VIN Corrections.

Avoid the hassle of filing at an IRS office, choose the easier, faster, and more secure e-filing option to file your Form 2290. ExpressTruckTax has automatic error checks for any mistakes that may have been made. This saves you time by helping to prevent your return from being rejected due to inaccuracies, however, in the off chance that your 2290 gets rejected, ExpressTruckTax allows you to correct your errors and re-submit your form at no extra charge.

Why IMTA Members Choose ExpressTruckTax for HVUT Filing?

  • Get 2290 Schedule 1 in Minutes
  • Quick and Secure Filing Process
  • Complete HVUT filing in less than
    2 minutes
  • Automatic & Accurate HVUT
    Tax Calculation
  • Free 2290 VIN Corrections
  • File 2290 Amendments
  • File from any mobile device
  • Stay updated with email, text and fax alerts
  • Access copy of Schedule 1 online
  • Claim Tax Credits using 8849 Schedule 6
  • Low Pricing in the Industry
  • Carrier Notification

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Thank you for having this site, sending the 2290 directly to our carrier, and making this such a smooth process!

- Judy, Kentucky

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