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Use our paystub generator to generate pay stubs in a few minutes and email the pay stubs directly to your drivers and dispatchers easily. Get to know the important features here.

Accurate tax calculations

All the tax calculations are automated and accurate with our paystub generator. Do away with the hassles of calculating
taxes manually.

Pay Stubs Accurate Calculations
Pay Stubs Customize Earnings & Deductions
Customize Earnings & Deductions

You can customize pay stubs with earnings such as pay per load, pay per mile, hauling income and deductions such as fuel expenses, permits and license fees, etc.

Supports 2020 Form W-4

You can use 2020 Form W-4 to calculate the withholding taxes. It reduces the complexity of calculating withholding taxes.

Paystubs for drivers and dispatchers

You can generate professional paystubs for drivers and dispatchers using our paystub templates in less than a
few minutes.

Download or Email Paystubs

After generating paystubs, you have an option to download and print or email the paystub directly to your
Drivers and Dispatchers.

What Information is Required to Generate Pay Stubs Online?

paystubs online Form
  • 1. Company information: Name, EIN, Address
  • 2. Employee/Contractor information: Name, Employee or Contractor ID, SSN, Address, Wages
  • 3. Earnings Statement: Pay schedule, Pay period, Payday
  • 4. Gross earnings: No. of hours worked and YTD details
  • 5. Additional earnings such as "Pay per load, Pay per mile etc"

If you have this information ready, then you can generate pay stubs in less than 2 minutes.

How to Create Pay Stubs for Drivers and Dispatchers?

Generate pay stubs in simple steps. Enter employee or contractor, employer, and salary information. The taxes will be calculated automatically for you to preview. If everything is fine, you can download or email the pay stub.

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Download or Email Paystub

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I generate paystubs online?

    When you generate pay stubs online, you don't need to worry about the calculations. Because all the calculations are automated and accurate. It saves more time for small business owners. Also, you can access your records anytime anywhere.

  • Can I generate paystub by using mobile?

    Yes, you can generate paystub conveniently by using our paystub generator app available in both Android and iOS. You can access the paystubs without any trouble. Just follow the simple steps and use the paystub templates to generate paystubs easily with our paystub generator.

  • How do I edit a paystub?

    When you are generating the paystub, you have the option to preview the paystub information. If you find any mistakes then you can correct it easily. We offer free corrections to correct the mistakes at anytime.

  • How do I email paystubs to my drivers and displatchers?

    After completing the paystub, you have the option to download, print or email the paystub. Choose the “Send Email” option to email the pay stubs directly from the dashboard. Visit to know more.

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