Multi-User Access

Use the multi-user access feature to let others handle filing on your behalf.
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Multi-User Access

Updated on June 17, 2020 - 10:30 AM by Admin, ExpressTruckTax

As requested by truckers and accountants alike, users can now create sub-user accounts with different access levels. This feature lets the user allow other sub-users to operate the account. The user also has the control to decide the level of access for
the sub-users.

1.What is multi-user access?

There is more transparency and fewer chances of errors if multiple people can review and edit a return before transmitting it to the IRS. Sharing your account credentials with other people can create a lot of confusion and is unsafe.

The multi-user access feature in ExpressTruckTax allows the user to give permissions of different levels to other sub-users. The user will be able to add other sub-users so that they can view, create, or transmit returns depending upon the permissions set for the sub-users.

2.What are the levels of permission that can be allowed?

The primary user of the account can decide the amount of access provided to the sub-users. Here is the level of permissions that can be granted by the primary user to
the sub-users:

  • View only: Sub-user can only view the business details and 2290 returns.
  • Edit only: Sub-user can create and edit 2290 returns for the business.
  • Edit and Transmit: Sub-user can create, edit, and transmit 2290 returns to the IRS.

3. How do I enable the multi-user access feature?

The “Manage Users” page under the “My Account” tab, lets the users invite and manage the other sub-users. All you need to do is to provide details about the sub-users and select the type of access.

Once the invite is sent, the sub-user will receive an email with temporary login credentials. These credentials can be changed once the sub-user has logged in. The sub-user can now use the account, depending upon the permissions given by the
primary user.

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