Form 2290, 8849 and IFTA filings for Tax Professionals

Whether you file for 10 clients or 10,000 clients, we support tax professionals every step of the way. Our system gives you the ability to manage all your clients with a single login account, making filing fast and easy. We even offer special discounts to tax preparer. Our goal is to save time and money for both you and your clients by offering the best value in the industry.

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All our tax professional customers have access to these features:

Specialty Pricing

We offer special discounted rates for tax professional and other industry service providers. We even offer bulk prepaid pricing, which can save you up to 90% off other E-File providers.

Manage Multiple EINs Through A Single Account

Our system allows you to add an unlimited number of businesses and EIN numbers to a single login account. Access all of your clients and vehicles in one place while still keeping them organized by EIN.

Form 2290 Bulk Upload

For every vehicle in your client's fleet, you can simply upload an Excel file containing the vehicle information directly into your account. The bulk upload works for taxable vehicles, suspended vehicles and credit vehicles (Sold/stolen/destroyed and low mileage). Also, all the data in our application can be exported via CSV format for integration with other applications.

Handle up to 40,000 vehicles on Form 2290 e-filing

Our system is designed for handling Form 2290 returns from a single vehicle for up to 40,000 vehicles. We have some of the top 100 trucking companies that use our services for their Form 2290 filings and claim credit refunds using form 8849.

Personal Account Management

While any of our staff members will be able to assist you, we'll designate an account manager for you who knows you and your business. You are provided with direct phone and email access for instant contact with your personal account manager. No operators or automated directories. Now this is what we would like to call, the REAL customer support.

Upgrade Your Communication with Clients Using Our E-sign Feature

E-Sign of Excise Tax Declaration of an IRS Tax Return

If you are e-filing on someone’s behalf, you can transmit the Excise Tax Declaration form to be e-signed. No more fax machines to send papers to drivers on the road. You simply send an email through our E-sign Feature, and the form can be quickly e-signed so you can get Form 2290 e-filed and transmitted to the IRS.

How Does the 8453-Ex E-sign Feature Work?

The first step, of course, is to send Form 8453-Ex to be e-signed. It's easy with ExpressTruckTax! Your client will receive the information via email with detailed instructions on how to complete the e-signature process. Included in the email is a link that redirects your client to our e-sign website. From there they will sign digitally and submit the form. You will receive instant notification once your client has completed the e-sign process.

Your client also has the option to decline to sign the form and note the reason. If there are any corrections that need to be made to the return, you will be notified right away and the reason for rejection will be provided so that you can update the form and resend it to your client. With the help of ExpressTruckTax, your job just got a little easier!


  • It's secure
  • Provides clients with a link so they can E-sign in seconds
  • No more waiting for stubborn faxes
  • Can E-sign from any device for convenience

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