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Form 2290 VIN Correction

How to Correct VIN Online for FREE?
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Form 2290 VIN Correction

Updated on May 18, 2020 - 10:30 AM by Admin, ExpressTruckTax

If you accidentally entered the wrong VIN number on your return, don’t worry! With ExpressTruckTax, you can make a VIN correction for free.

1.What is VIN Correction?

Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) are unique identification numbers used by the automotive industry to identify individual motor vehicles. They are made up of 17 numbers and letters.

2.How do I file a VIN Correction with ExpressTruckTax?

3.When should I file a VIN Correction?

You must file a VIN Correction if you made a mistake on the Form 2290 you previously filed.

However, you can’t just make a VIN correction whenever you want. Here are some caveats:

  • VIN Corrections can only be made for taxable or suspended vehicles and not for credit vehicles or vehicles suspended in the prior year.
  • When you file a Form 2290 VIN Correction, you cannot make credit claims on the same form.
  • The tax due for the vehicle must have been paid along with the original Form 2290. Otherwise, you may be hit with penalties from the IRS.

4.Why are VIN corrections free with ExpressTruckTax?

If you realize that you've made an error on your VIN after e-filing your Form 2290, you can easily send a 2290 Amendment to the IRS. ExpressTruckTax working closely with the IRS in order to provide free VIN Corrections and 2290 Amendment e-filing. We help truck drivers get their stamped Schedule 1 faster and make changes without stress.

5.How to E-file Form 2290 VIN Correction with ExpressTruckTax

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