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Bulk Upload

Instantly bulk upload multiple trucks at once with the Express Upload template or Smart Upload option,
using your own template.

Bulk Upload

Use the Bulk upload feature while e-filing your Form 2290 to instantly add all of your vehicles or trucks at the same time. This feature allows you to complete a large volume import that can upload up to 40,000 trucks at once, making it super easy for trucking businesses to quickly complete their form because they won't have to enter in information for their vehicles one at a time.

Plus, all of your information will be saved in ExpressTruckTax for next year, so you can come back and instantly copy all of your information from a previously accepted return to your new one for the current tax period.

Express Upload

The Express Upload feature provides you with an easy to use Excel template to fill out in order to conduct a large volume import to immediately upload all of your vehicles or trucks at the same time while e-filing your 2290. This saves trucking businesses tons of time because they don't have to manually add each of their trucks.

The process is easy. Download and save the Excel template to your computer then add your vehicles to the template and upload the updated file. Then all of your information will be conveniently added to your Form 2290 and it will be saved for next time.

Smart Upload

With the Smart Upload Feature, you can instantly e-file Form 2290 with the ability to conduct a large volume import that uploads all of your vehicles or trucks to ExpressTruckTax while using your own template/format! Trucking businesses love this time-saving feature that eliminates the hassle of adding trucks one by one.

You don't have to download anything or complete a form, you can simply select your own file to upload and all of your vehicles will be instantly added to your form. Your vehicle information will also be saved in ExpressTruckTax to make it quick and easy to file your 2290 next season too.

Help Video: Easy-to-Use Bulk Upload for a Fleet of Vehicles

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