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Carrier Notification

Don't wait to receive and send a copy of your Schedule 1 to your carrier.

Carrier Notification

Never make your carrier wait for your schedule 1.

We know that your relationship with the carrier that you are working is important. That’s why we provide you with an option to send your schedule 1 directly to the carrier that you are working for.

Simply use the "Carrier Notification" feature once you've transmitted your return to send your carrier a copy of your schedule 1 by email.

Here are the simple steps for notifying your carrier of your IRS stamped Schedule 1:

  • Step 1 : Once you transmit the return to the IRS, click “Add Carrier Details”
  • Step 2 : Either choose your carrier or enter carrier information
  • Step 3 : Once you've updated your carrier information, we will notify your carrier
  • Step 4 : Once the IRS accepts your Form 2290, ExpressTruckTax will send your IRS stamped Schedule 1 to your carrier

What Are You Waiting For?

E-file Form 2290 and get your stamped Schedule 1 in minutes!