Form 8453-EX

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Form 8453-EX

Updated on June 17, 2020 - 10:30 AM by Admin, ExpressTruckTax

Form 8453-EX is an Excise Tax Declaration that needs to be signed by the taxpayer to authorize any third-party transmitters to file a tax return on the client’s behalf. ExpressTruckTax allows the users to upload the signed Form 8453-EX or sends a request to the client to e-sign Form 8453-EX.

1.What is Form 8453-EX?

The IRS requires the taxpayers to authenticate the electronic form filed by the tax service providers. Form 8453-EX is an Excise Tax Declaration that the client has authorized the transmission of the Federal Excise forms through third-party transmitters.

A service provider will need to send Form 8453-EX to the client to get an authorization signature. This signature is proof that the taxpayer has authorized the transmission of the forms and any payments for the federal taxes owed.

2.Who must file Form 8453-EX?

Form 8453-EX must be filed by tax service providers like Intermediate Service Providers (ISP), Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Tax Preparers, and Third-Party Transmitters to authorize the transmission of Federal Excise Tax Forms on their client's behalf. This form must be signed by the clients to permit the transmission.

3.How does Form 8453-EX work in ExpressTruckTax?

Usually, ExpressTruckTax users do not have to file Form 8453-EX if you are filing Form 2290 on your own. But if you are a tax professional filing Form 2290 for your client, you must file
Form 8453-EX.

Once you complete providing details about your vehicles, you can upload your signed Form 8453-EX. ExpressTruckTax allows the users to download a Form 8453-EX. We can also send the form to your client through email or fax. The client will be notified once the email has been sent. Once the taxpayer has signed the form, the CPA has to e-sign it, and then your Form 2290 can be transmitted to the IRS.

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