Top Reasons the IRS Rejects HVUT
Form 2290

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An Overview of Form 2290 rejections

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The IRS typically rejects returns because of simple data entry errors. However, ExpressTruckTax guarantees acceptance of all Form 2290 returns e-filed through their system with a money-back guarantee.

1.Reasons the IRS rejects Form 2290 returns

EIN Does Not Match with Business Name

The EIN and business name you entered on your return don’t match IRS records.

Invalid Bank Account Number

The routing number provided while filing your return is invalid. Please check your routing number. You can find your bank routing number at the bottom left of your check.

Duplicate VIN or E-Filing of Form 2290

You cannot file more than one 2290 with the same EIN, VIN, tax year, or First Used Month.

2.What is the 2290 HVUT Penalty Rates?

[E-file Error Code R0000-922]

This rejection code means that the EIN and business name reported on your Form 2290 return don’t match IRS records.

Learn more about the 2290 e-file rejection
error code R0000-922

[E-file Error Code R0000-906-01]

This rejection error code appears if the bank routing number entered while filing your return is invalid.

[E-file Error Code R0000-194]

If you file more than one 2290 with the same EIN, VIN, and First Used Month during the same tax year, the IRS will reject your return.

3.What if my Form 2290 is rejected?

If the IRS rejects your Form 2290 return, ExpressTruckTax will send you an email that explains the rejection and how you can fix the error.

Simply log in to your ExpressTruckTax account and follow the instructions.

4.What is the ExpressGuarantee?

It's our 100% guarantee that we will get your Schedule 1 accepted by the IRS. If there is an error, we will help you correct it and retransmit your 2290. If we cannot get your stamped Schedule 1 even with all the correct information, we will refund your e-filing fee, no questions asked.

5.How does the ExpressGuarantee work?

If for some reason your return is rejected by the IRS, we will help you resolve the errors and retransmit your return. We are confident we can help you get your stamped Schedule 1 from the IRS. If we can’t help, we will refund 100% of your filing fee.

Your Return Will Be Accepted! That's Our ExpressGuarantee!

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