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Form 2290 Privately Purchased Vehicle

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Privately Purchased Vehicle

Updated on May 01, 2023 - 4:00 PM by Admin, ExpressTruckTax

Tax calculations for privately purchased vehicles are slightly different than for typical heavy vehicles. ExpressTruckTax takes into account all these factors before calculating your HVUT and provides an accurate valuation of your tax amount.

1.What is a privately purchased vehicle?

A vehicle that is purchased from a private seller is considered a privately purchased vehicle. Vehicles that are purchased from dealerships and auctions are not considered privately purchased vehicles.

Vehicles that are leased from a carrier through a leasing company are also not privately purchased.

2.What is the Form 2290 deadline for privately purchased vehicles?

The deadline to file Form 2290 for a privately purchased vehicle is the same as any other heavy vehicle.

The due date to file Form 2290 is the last day of the month following the vehicle’s First Used Month.

3.Do I have to pay taxes for the month of the sale?

If you buy a vehicle for which the HVUT has been paid and put your vehicle on the road in the month of sale, your total HVUT for the tax period will not include the tax for the purchase month.

For example, if you purchase a vehicle in April 2023 and operate it in the same month, your total HVUT for the tax year will be calculated from May 2023 to the end of the tax year. However, the deadline to file your Form 2290 will still be on May 31, 2023.

4.How do I file Form 2290 for a privately purchased vehicle in ExpressTruckTax?

There isn’t much difference between filing for a usual heavy vehicle and a privately purchased vehicle. While entering your Vehicle information in your Form 2290, make sure you check the “Did you purchase this vehicle after July 1, 2023, from a private owner/seller?” box.

Once you check this box and choose the purchased month of your vehicle, your HVUT for the tax year will be calculated accordingly.

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