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We have put together an extensive collection of help videos to assist you with the E-filing process of Form 2290. If you need help along the way, each video will guide you, step by step, through a specific feature within our program. We strive to make your E-Filing experience as simple as possible.

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New HVUT Tax Period (2020-2021) with ExpressTruckTax
Express Truck tax is the easiest way to E-File an IRS Form 2290 for Heavy Vehicle Use Tax.

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What's a Stamped Schedule 1 & How to Get it in Minutes?

How to Claim a Refund or Credit After Filing Form 2290?

Your Form 2290 for 2020-21

ExpressTruckTax is Now Accepting Form 2290 for 2020-21

Claim 2019-2020 Low Mileage Credit due to COVID-19

ExpressTruckTax Now Accepting 2020-21 Form 2290

Low Mileage, Suspended &
Sold or Destroyed

E-file Form 8849 with ExpressTruckTax & Claim Your Refund of Excise Taxes

Why Should I File Form 2290 for 2020-21 in Advance with ExpressTruckTax?

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