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E-File Form 2290 Online for the 2019-20 Tax Year

Pre-File Form 2290 for 2019-20

Form 2290 is due by September 3, 2019. E-File 2290 now to avoid IRS penalties.

How Does Pre-filing Work?

Pre-filing works in the same way that e-filing does during the regular tax filing season. Instead of filing in July, you can E-file 2290 starting now for the upcoming 2019-20 tax period - a whole month early!

When you pre-file now, you can still pay your HVUT later! You can also find out how much tax you owe in advance, so that you are ready to pay your taxes before the deadline (September 3rd, 2019).

prefile 2290 flow

Why Should I Pre-file My 2290?

  • Pre-file 2290 now and pay HVUT later
  • Gain a month to save up your tax payment
  • No need to rush during the peak season
  • Have plenty of time to correct rejected returns
  • Reduce the risk of penalties
  • Get expert help without the wait
  • Get your Stamped Schedule 1 before everyone else

Why ExpressTruckTax?

  • IRS Authorized
  • Leading 2290 Provider
  • Get Schedule 1 in Minutes
  • Form 2290 Amendments
  • Free 2290 VIN Corrections
  • Form 8849 (Schedule 6)
  • Instant Notifications

Help Video: Pre-filing Form 2290 with ExpressTruckTax!

Filing with ExpressTruckTax is the best of both worlds! Get your filing out of the way,
and save up until your
tax payment is due.