Truck Zone

An ExpressTruckTax Exclusive Feature - This allows you to manage all of your vehicles in one place!

  • Create your account with ExpressTruckTax
  • Save new vehicles as you increase your fleet, and store their information from year to year.
  • The next time you file your Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes, you will already have your trucks saved and ready to be added to your new return.
  • All the trucks and driver info imported into the ExpressTruckTax account or directly entered will be in one place. To keep things organized, you can search by truck or unit number, by driver, by VIN, by month filed, and by the date that the Schedule 1 was received
  • Let's say that today you want to file an IRS Form 2290 for 10 trucks. With this system you can simply select the 10 trucks that need to be filed and E-File them in minutes. When you want search for a specific schedule 1 either by trucks or unit numbers or drivers, you can come to the Truck Zone and enter the criteria you want and find the one you need.
  • We have a feature to upload Schedule 1 (obtained by postal mail or done from other providers) against a particular VIN(s) and also enter the other information like First used month, Tax year, Type of Return (2290, VIN correction or amendment) and who has paid for the schedule 1. This way there will just one report to look for the schedule 1's.
  • The ExpressTruckTax Truck Zone can upload hundreds even thousands of trucks at one time.