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Truck Zone

Use the truck zone feature and manage all your vehicles
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Truck Zone:

Updated on June 17, 2020 - 4:00 PM by Admin, ExpressTruckTax

The truck zone feature in ExpressTruckTax is one stop to save the information and manage all your vehicles. The truck zone is like a whole database just for your trucks, so that you can maintain records and file returns more easily and quickly.

1.What is a truck zone?

The truck zone is an exclusive feature offered to the ExpressTruckTax users. You can save new vehicles as you increase your fleet every year. The users can also import information about the drivers and also upload copies of Schedule 1. This information will be stored in an organized manner, making it easier for you to manage your trucks.

While you are filing a Form 2290 return, the information saved about the vehicles can be auto-populated. This makes the filing process quicker for the users. All you have to do is to select the appropriate vehicles for the filing, and the required information will be uploaded instantly.

2.What are the benefits of the truck zone?

The truck zone is a unique feature that thrives on reducing the confusion among the users and providing an organized way to manage your trucks. Here are some of the benefits of the truck zone:

  • Save information about multiple vehicles.
  • Search for your vehicles using various parameters, including VIN, driver, and date of filing.
  • Avoid double-entry of information.
  • File your returns quickly.
  • Maintain records of hundreds of vehicles in an organized manner.

3.How do I add vehicles in the truck zone?

ExpressTruckTax has made it easy for users to add and manage their trucks. The users can click on the “Add Vehicles” button under the Truck Zone tab and start adding information about their trucks. We also let the users bulk upload information about multiple trucks at once.

You can view the details about your vehicle once you click on the VIN. You can see the filing records of the vehicles and also upload Schedule 1. This helps you keep track of the filing history of the truck.

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