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Indiana Trucking Industry

The early twentieth century was a time of great development in the automotive industry. Across America and around the world, assembly lines were producing vehicles that were changing the lives of everyone from ordinary middle-class workers to the owners of businesses. One company that found relative prosperity during this time was the Indiana Truck Corporation, founded and based in Marion, Indiana. Indiana Truck began as a bedstead manufacturing venture, then after experimental truck production, began producing trucks from 1910 to 1933.

Indiana Trucks was a truck manufacturer in Marion for both business and personal purposes affecting customers all across the nation. Production was boosted by the need for military vehicles in World War I, and the company boomed in the 1920s along with the nation's economy and the growth of highways, before being acquired by Brockway in 1928 and ending production in Marion in 1933. Like many small automotive companies of the time, Indiana Trucks experienced a quick rise and fall in prosperity at the start of the twentieth century.

Indiana Form 2290 - Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return

E-file Form 2290

The Heavy Vehicle Use Tax is an annual fee collected from heavy vehicles that operate on public highways with a gross weight equal to or exceeding 55,000 pounds.

Truckers from Indiana can e-File Form 2290 with ExpressTruckTax, and get your stamped Schedule 1 from the IRS in minutes.. Quick and easy.

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#1 IRS authorized 2290 e-file provider
#1 IRS authorized 2290 e-file provider
Get 2290 Schedule 1 instantly
Get 2290 Schedule 1 instantly
Instant notification about the IRS filing status
Instant notification about the IRS filing status
Free VIN Corrections
Free VIN Corrections
Free retransmission of rejected returns
Free retransmission of rejected returns
File conveniently from any device
File conveniently from any device
Support 2290 Amendments
Support 2290 Amendments
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Form 8849 (Schedule 6)
US Based Customer Support
US Based Customer Support

Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMVs)

ExpressTruckTax has partnered with the Indiana State Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMVs) to speed up the process of vehicle registrations and tag renewals by having them verified online for the authenticity of Schedule 1’s.

The following Indiana County BMVs authorities can now verify the 2290 Schedule 1 of vehicles that require registration or renewal of license plates using ExpressTruckTax.

What are the benefits of Indiana DMVs partnering with ExpressTruckTax?

  • Check Schedule 1 online using either EIN or VIN
  • The quick verification process for registration or renewal of license plates
  • Identify fraudulent HVUT payment proof
  • Stay HVUT compliant

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