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Purchase prepaid credits with the Wallet Feature for a 10% or more discount on your 2290 Forms!


The Wallet feature is exclusively offered by ExpressTruckTax and offers you the option to purchase prepaid credits that offer a 10% or more discount on your 2290 filing fees. The more credits you buy, the more you save. You can quickly purchase the amount of credits you need in the dashboard of your ExpressTruckTax account, and your wallet will clearly display the number of credits that you have. Plus, the credits never expire, so if you have any leftover simply save them for next season.

Not only do the credits save money, but they save time as well. Every Time you file Form 2290 instead of having to find your wallet and spend time entering your card information you can simply click 'pay with credit' to instantly pay for your form.

Help Video: Use Your "Wallet" to Save on Future 2290 Filings

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