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Hassle-free VIN number corrections are found exclusively at ExpressTruckTax, regardless of how you
originally filed your Form 2290 return.

2290 VIN Correction

E-file a VIN Correction for FREE!

Got VIN Corrections? ExpressTruckTax offer it completely FREE for the users who have filed their return with us originally. Not filed your returns with us? Even if you didn’t file with us originally, you still have a chance. You can e-file the Form 2290 Amendments quickly and the best part is, it is very much affordable with ExpressTruckTax.


What are VIN Corrections?

Let’s face it, everyone makes mistakes. Since vehicle identification numbers are made of 17 characters with numbers and alphabets mixed, we know for sure that some human error is bound to happen. Maybe you typed 5 instead of S, which looks the same to the naked eye—but the IRS would now have your HVUT with the wrong VIN.

Before you get stuck with a headache and the wrong VIN at the DMV or your Carrier, double check your VIN and file for a correction with ExpressTruckTax if necessary. Since you already filed Form 2290 and paid $550 to IRS and get your Schedule 1, we think you’d like to solve this issue as fast and as easy as possible.

ExpressTruckTax and the IRS Work Together

If you’ve made an error after e-filing Form 2290, you can send an amended Form 2290 to the IRS and get your Schedule 1 corrected. Since 2011, we’ve been working with the IRS to e-file VIN corrections and getting truckers their stamped Schedule 1.

How Do You File a VIN Correction?

After creating an account and choosing "Create Return," you will be presented with 3 options. Choose the option “2290 amendment,” which includes vin correction. from here, you have two choices

  • You need to file a vin correction for a return created in expresstrucktax, or
  • You need to file a vin correction for a return created elsewhere or by paper.
After that, you simply fill out the VIN correction information, transmit to the IRS, and you’ll receive your updated Schedule 1 in minutes.

And Remember...

VIN Corrections can be only done for taxable or suspended vehicles, and not for credit vehicles or for prior suspended vehicles. When you file a VIN Correction Form 2290, you can't combine it with claimed credits on the same form. Finally, the wrong VIN must have been paid for in the original Form 2290. Otherwise, the IRS will assess penalties on top of the actual tax.

Corrections you can make on Form 2290

Typo in the VINChoose VIN Correction amendment on Form 2290Call ExpressTruckTax at 704-234-6005
Weight of the vehicle IncreasedChoose Form 2290 amendmentCall ExpressTruckTax at 704-234-6005
Suspended vehicles exceeded mileageChoose Form 2290 amendmentCall ExpressTruckTax at 704-234-6005
EIN number or Business name is wrongCan't be changed using Form 2290Call the IRS excise Hotline at 866.699.4096