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Since drivers are the heart and soul of this industry, we understand things can be tough—and that taxes are a hassle! So we strive to make things easier with ExpressTruckTax, allowing you to e-file for Form 2290 or Form 8849 in a matter of minutes. With our easy to use e-filing system, you’ll be back on the road before you know it! With our unique, helpful features, we guarantee that we’ll provide you the best value in the industry.

E-file Single Vehicle for $14.90

Our motto is to provide more for less—way less! Less than ten bucks less. For half the price of our competitors, you get complete access to our features and dedicated support team. You won’t find a better value in the industry, guaranteed.

Friendly, US Based Customer Support

We care about communicating with our customers. Instead of outsourcing our customer support overseas, our support crew is based in Rock Hill, SC. Communication, understanding, and security are paramount to us—so we keep it in your backyard instead of a faraway land!

E-File VIN Corrections for FREE

We know that mistakes happen. If you filed with ExpressTruckTax, you can e-File a VIN correction for free! And if you didn’t file your 2290 with us, we’ll help you out by only charging you a small fee for your VIN correction.

Want More? Full Service Options Availables

Provide us with a copy of your previous Schedule 1 and we’ll create your account for you. We’ll even send your leasing company a copy of your Stamped Schedule 1! You can stop waiting for the mail and searching for a fax machine while you’re on the road. We’ll help out so you can stay driving!

Automatically Provide Proof of Payment to Leasing Company

Found exclusively through ExpressTruckTax, you can automatically provide proof of payment (Schedule 1) to your contracting or leasing company. Stop searching for a fax machine while you're on the road. Stop waiting for the mail to arrive. We'll handle the work so you can stay on the road.

Pay With Any Major Credit Card

For your convenience, we accept major credits like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Get Expert Assistance

With both tax professionals and IT experts ready to help at a moment’s notice, we have the best e-filing staff in the industry. We designed ExpressTruckTax by working closely with the IRS, allowing us to create the best e-filing process for excise taxes in the trucking industry.

Pay Your Taxes Online

With ExpressTruckTax, you can pay your IRS directly from our secure system, or simply mail in a check or money order. No matter which method you choose, you still receive your Schedule 1 in less than five minutes.

File with your Smartphone

C’mon, we know you have a smartphone. Whether you use an Android or an iPhone, you can now e-file your HVUT without searching for a computer. Still fast, still easy, and still with the lowest price in the industry.

Why ExpressTruckTax?
  • Receive Schedule 1 in Minutes
  • Get Schedule 1 or Money Back
  • Free 2290 VIN Checker
  • Instant Error Check
  • 100% US-Based Support
  • Free VIN Corrections
  • 2290 Amendments
  • Form 8849 Schedule 6

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