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Heavy Vehicle Use Tax - IRS Form 2290

IRS 2290 & 8849

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Truck Zone
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The next time you file your Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes, you will already have your trucks saved and ready to be added to your new return
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Don't Forget to E-File IRS Form 2290 this Year!

The current tax period for Heavy Vehicle Use Tax is from July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015. The deadline to file your Form 2290 return is September 2, 2014 for all vehicles used during the month of July.

For vehicles first used in any other month during this period, an IRS Form 2290 must be filed on the last day of the month following the first use date.

(eg... If a vehicle was first used in April, the IRS Form 2290 would be due by May 31)

A prorated amount for the remainder of the tax year will automatically be calculated by our system based on your first used month.

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Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return (HVUT)
IRS Form 2290 and Schedule-1

A Form 2290 return can be used for paying Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Taxes due for highway motor vehicles used during the tax period with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. It can also be used to calculate and pay taxes for vehicles that were previously listed as a Suspended Vehicle if that vehicle later exceeded the mileage threshold during the tax period.

HVUT or Heavy Vehicle Use Tax, is a federal highway tax imposed annually on trucks, truck tractors, and buses using public highways. The tax applies to vehicles with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. IRS Form 2290 is used for filing this tax and upon acceptance, the IRS will provide a stamped Schedule 1 as proof of payment and can also be used to register the vehicle at the DMV.

Vehicle Owners and Operators use to eFile HVUT using IRS Form 2290 and receive a stamped Schedule 1 in minutes.The IRS encourages all taxpayers to file the Form 2290 electronically for Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Returns for 2014-2015. Electronic filing is required for taxpayers with 25 or more vehicles.

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