Affiliates Program (Form 2290, 8849 and IFTA)

ExpressTruckTax Affiliates Program is very simple to setup and start earning now!

Partner Site for Secure and Easy E-Filing Form 2290
and 8849

You asked and we delivered. We offer partner sites for E-Filing in which you and your drivers can file directly through our site with the convenient look and feel of your homepage. This is total customization for each owner-operator account for
no additional charge.

Personal Account Management

While any of our staff members will be able to assist you, we'll designate an account manager for you who knows you and your business. You are provided with the direct phone and email access for instant contact with your personal account manager. No operators or automated directories. Now, this is what we would like to call, the REAL customer support.

Bulk Upload

For every vehicle in your fleet, you can simply upload an Excel file containing your vehicle information directly into your account to e-File Form 2290. The bulk upload works for taxable vehicles, suspended vehicles and credit vehicles (Sold/stolen/destroyed and low mileage). Also, all the data in our application can be exported via CSV format for integration with other applications. Our application also supports advanced integration with your fleet management system. Please contact us for details.

Handle up to 40,000 vehicles

Our system is designed for handling form 2290 returns from a single vehicle for up to 40,000 vehicles. We have some of the top 100 trucking companies that use our services for their Form 2290 filings and claim credit refunds using form 8849.

Manage Multiple EINs Through A Single Account

Is your fleet divided among multiple subsidiaries, divisions or EIN numbers? No problem. Our system allows you to add an unlimited number of businesses and EIN numbers to a single login account. Access all of your vehicles in one place while still keeping them organized by EIN.

Free E-File for Form 2290 VIN Corrections

Need to correct a VIN number? Found exclusively through ExpressTruckTax, you can E-File a Form 2290 VIN correction with the IRS in just a few clicks. With us, you will receive the corrected Schedule 1 in minutes - just like your original form 2290 filing. It's FREE exclusively to our customers.

USA Based Customer Support

We're based in Rock Hill, SC. We don't outsource our customer support overseas because communication, understanding, and security are paramount. It's important to us that our customers receive support from right here in their own backyard.

Built with You in Mind

We support all industry service professionals including tax, permitting, insurance, and registration providers. You have the ability to manage all of your clients with a single login account which makes filing IRS trucking forms (Form 2290 and Form 8849) fast and easy. Our goal is to save you time and money every step of the way.

Specialty Pricing

With our special discounted rates for professional service providers, we have pricing options to fit any budget. Whether you file for 10 clients or 10,000 clients, we save you time and money. We even offer bulk prepaid pricing, which can save you up to 90% off other E-File providers. File Form 2290 for your single vehicle clients for as low as $14.90.

How does it work?

The ExpressTruckTax Affiliates pays you a certain commission if the user whom you refer files the return using our website.

Endless potential

Your ExpressTruckTax earnings have no cap and no limit. You'll earn a 10% commission on all transactions you refer to us - even if the buyer has used ExpressTruckTax before.

Keep earning for the entire Tax Season

We place a 30-day account cookie on each customer you refer. If the particular customer registers with us within 30 days, you will earn cash for all the returns he files for the entire tax season (July 2018 to June 2019)

Ready to sign up?

It's easy. (Like ExpressTruckTax itself!) Read our FAQ for details.

Why ExpressTruckTax?
  • Receive Schedule 1 in Minutes
  • Get Schedule 1 or Money Back
  • Free 2290 VIN Checker
  • Instant Error Check
  • 100% US-Based Support
  • Free VIN Corrections
  • 2290 Amendments
  • Form 8849 Schedule 6

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