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Now Accepting Form 2290 for the 2021-2022 Tax Period. File 2290 Early and
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2021-2022 Tax Period
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ExpressTruckTax Resource - Form 2290 Due Date

An Overview of Form 2290, Due Date and Filing Requirements

Updated on May 14, 2021 - 4:00 PM by Admin, ExpressTruckTax

Form 2290, is also known as HVUT Form used to report the HVUT payments made for the taxable vehicle that has a gross weight of over 55,000 pounds or more. The due date for Form 2290 depends upon the first used month of the taxable vehicle. Usually, the tax periods begin on July 1 and end on June 30 each year.

The following are the topics that talk in detail about the Form 2290 due date and other associated elements of Form 2290 filing.

1.When is Form 2290 due?

The IRS Form 2290 for Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes (HVUT) must be filed every year by August 31st. The current tax period for heavy highway vehicles begin on July 1, 2021, and ends on June 30, 2022.

For newly purchased vehicles, the Form 2290 due date is the last day of the month following the month of the vehicles’ first use.

For example, if a vehicle is first used in November, the Form 2290 due date for that vehicle is December 31st.

However, if the Form 2290 due date falls on a Saturday, a Sunday, or a legal holiday, the deadline will be moved to the next business day.

2.Form 2290 Deadline for those having First Used Month other than the July

Check out the table below to know when your Form 2290 and HVUT payment is due.

TY 2021-22
Form 2290 Due Dates for the 2021-2022 Tax Year
IF, in this period, the vehicle is first used during Then, file IRS Form 2290 and make your payment by*
July, 2021 August 31, 2021 File Now
August, 2021 September 30, 2021
September, 2021 November 1, 2021
October, 2021 November 30, 2021
November, 2021 January 3, 2022
December, 2021 January 31, 2022
January, 2022 February 28, 2022
February, 2022 March 31, 2022
March, 2022 May 02, 2022
April, 2022 May 31, 2022
May, 2022 June 30, 2022
June, 2022 August 1, 2022
Your Form 2290 is due for
2021 - 2022 Tax Period
Your Form 2290 is due for
2020 - 2021 Tax Period
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ExpressTruckTax Resource - Form 2290 Due Date

3.Information Required to file Form 2290

In-order to report Form 2290 with the IRS you need to have the following information:

Information required to file Form 2290

4.Choosing HVUT Payment Methods

The IRS accepts the payments for heavy vehicle use tax (HVUT) using the following methods:

  • Direct Debit or Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW)
  • EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System)
  • Check or Money Order

IRS currently not accepting the payments through debit and credit cards.

Click here to learn more about IRS HVUT Payment Methods

5.How do I File Form 2290 and get my 2290 Schedule 1 before the deadline?

In order to file your Form 2290 and get a schedule 1 in minutes, the IRS suggests you to e-file Form 2290.

5 Simple Steps to file 2290 Electronically

You can complete your Form 2290 filing in a matter of minutes. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

Ready to file Form 2290 Now?

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6.Why Should I Choose ExpressTruckTax?

There are various reasons to choose ExpressTruckTax. We have listed a few for your reference:

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7.What if you have missed the Form 2290 deadline?

IRS will impose penalties for those who fail to file Form 2290 on-time. There are two common reasons for which the IRS may impose penalties.

  • One is for failing to file or to pay taxes by the actual due date
  • And another is for filing the false or fraudulent returns with the IRS

You will be also charged additional interest every month when you fail to pay your HVUT payment.
Click here to learn more about HVUT penalties and its interest rates.

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